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What are the disadvantages of flat printer
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What are the disadvantages of flat printer? The printer manufacturers give you detailed by Jin Gutian, flatbed printer has the following major shortcomings.


1 because of the water permeability, it can not be displayed on the black objects on the printed pattern, as well as in the dark object on the printing effect is not good. 

2 since it is a plate printer, can now show it can not realize the cylindrical color printing from the name, like cups, bottles, the product surface irregular uneven to bump the scope is very can not print, now only print print products, flat surface arc not exceeding 5MM marking.

3 tablet printer history is not very long, in 2003 developed the first domestic flat-panel printers". Therefore, there are some problems that the machine has not yet been solved, so the purchase of the machine when the first choice is not the price but the real strength of the manufacturers, the first to ensure that the quality of the machine. 

4 because the universal printer is a traditional color printer refitting, the printing speed is too slow, a A4 sized object format print time needs 1 minutes

5 current domestic universal printer production process is gradually mature, but the relative stability is still not enough in place, so the machine is a considerable after the sale of a gap! When we buy a tablet printer to choose a good manufacturer. 6 flat printer to print material has certain limitation, because the printer is a straight line, so the material must be printed on the plane or soft materials, relatively speaking, there are certain limitations!