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Glass printing machine widely used in decoration industry
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Appear on the market to adapt to the universal printer glass, ceramics, metal, plastic and other materials, has been applied to glass decoration industry, glass inkjet printing technology, made a very welcome development in the field of household decoration. The advantage of making glass printing machine:

  The convenience of inkjet printer brings, has been rapid promotion, instead of part of the screen printing ink, but is limited to the solvent type, soft material. With the development of the UV printer, UV flatbed printer, greatly expanded the field of digital printing, printing materials without special processing in prepress and Postpress, save a lot of manpower and material resources. Screen printing can be used for a variety of soft and hard materials such as plate printing, because of its high cost, only suitable for live long version printing.And this kind of printing equipment to achieve a real without printing, supplements the traditional screen printing process, not only for the small print work, also can be used for proofing or simulation of image, and the single batch processing costs, can be completed in a short version live economically and efficiently, bring more business opportunities and profits for the enterprise. Using this machine friends all know, the production process is simple, easy to operate, Lidengkequ meet customer delivery demand. Can also be four or five, six and eight color ink settings, and therefore can be a variety of printing equipment for a more perfect match, so as to achieve the ideal state of work and excellent color matching ability.


Comparison of glass plate printer and other printing processes

 (a) the shortcomings of the traditional silk technology: 

 1, the Philippine network version of the high cost of plate making, printing costs; 

 2, the school color complex, once the fixed version can not be modified;

 3, cumbersome process, long production cycle;

 4, the high cost of screen printing, screen printing points can not be eliminated, the need for mass production to reduce costs

 5, thermal dye sublimation ink used to print the first image transfer paper, then transfer to the surface of the medium, there are a number of difficult decisions: color deviation and position deviation, the finished picture is also relatively easy to scratch, less strong, the general need to spray a layer of protective film. In addition, the transfer of special media also need to do the flexo printing. A filling method, or laser engraving of the way, only the production of single color signs, color patterns are incapable of action.

 6, overprints high reject rate, large color deviation. 

 7, need to have many years of rich experience of skilled craftsmen.

 8, people need more manual production of high proportion. 

(two) the advantages of a flat glass printer:  

1, applicable to any material, compatible with a wide range of.

2, no need for plate making, printing fast and low cost, can use a variety of output software, support a variety of file formats.

3, with a professional color management software, can be changed at any time, no need to pay additional costs.

4, one step to complete, that is, printing and taking, to meet the needs of a quick sample out of the finished product

5, unit price from printing large quantities can be matched template printing, save time and effort.   

6, full color image, once completed, progressive color could meet the photo quality, accurate positioning, the rejection rate is zero.  

7, just 30 minutes, you can master, the production of high-quality goods, no need of professional skills.   

8, computer operation, no personnel dependence, upgrade space.


Application industry:

1, packaging industry: alcohol (paper packaging, printing, wood packaging, metal packaging, PVC packaging, printing, leather packaging printing, organic glass packaging, printing, etc.).  

2, non-woven fabrics, garment accessories, T-Shirts, buttons, leather, textiles, paper.    

3, arts and crafts: clock, picture, marble painting, photography, stone painting, textile crafts, wooden crafts, metal crafts, stone crafts, art crafts, ceramic crafts, crystal crafts, advertising Crafts organic glass crafts, folk traditional crafts, painting, there are a lot of folk tradition crafts.    

4, the advertising industry: organic glass box, KT board, PVC board, glass, signs, nameplate, acrylic (acrylic), PP board, PC board, badge, aluminum plate, the advertising industry can be used.    

5, furniture and building materials: ceramic tile, wall tiles, waistline, brick, ceiling, ceiling, glass sliding door, the traditional doors and windows, furniture, polyester plate, pressure plate, plywood, wall, wallpaper, table, ashtray and so on.    

6, leather shoes, handbags, leather, handbags, bags, belts, leather printing, shoe etc..  

7, stationery gifts: pencil box, notebook, surfboard, reading machines, metal disc, name card holder (box), badges, toys etc. all kinds of bookmarks. 

8, metal plastic: lighter (metal, non metal), golf, silica gel, digital photo frame, crystal, aluminum plate, metal plate, plastic products, paper towel box, glasses frame, instrument panel, packing box, toys, etc..   

9: shoes, EVA slippers, shoes, skates, shoes, leather printing, printing shoes, canvas shoes, hand drawing shoes etc.. 

10, electronic appliances: U disk, MP3/MP4/MP5 player, PSP, game handle, computer chassis, home appliances, air conditioning, washing machines, electric rice cooker, mobile phone, crystal cell phone sets, electronic components, etc..



Home improvement glass widely used, but need to pay attention to a few details:

  The glass has good space partition, both open space and can achieve a good visual effect, especially in the bathroom and master bedroom, can not only ensure the privacy and transparency. However, the use of glass in the home improvement, we must pay attention to some factors.

   1, glass there are many varieties, in the home improvement should pay attention to match with the style of the home improvement. For example, stained glass used in European style, French style decoration, and transparent glass is modern decoration style with some more.

   2, if there are elderly or children in the home, the use of glass wall to be more careful. In the master bedroom with a glass wall, we must pay attention to the decoration strip or patch on the glass wall in the middle, or because of indoor light is not enough, not good old eyes, it is easy to hit the glass wall. A family with children should be used with caution glass. Because of children's sight is low, easy to overlook the lower part of the glass, and easy to move, easy to directly hit the glass, which is the existence of security risks. Therefore, the use of glass in the living room partition, it is best to put on a wooden entity below.

   In 3, a fixed glass door or wall, not directly on the wall, and to use the rubber pad to protect, so even if the collision is a buffer, and the glass door is generally higher than the wooden door is much heavier, so consider the force of local ground at the time of installation.

   4, now the corridor are relatively narrow, glass wall or door transport installation is to be very careful to avoid accidents. Designer reminder: Although the glass used in the home improvement will be very beautiful, and now the quality of the glass texture has a great improvement, but in fact, I personally do not advocate the use of a large number of glass or mirror in the home improvement. Home improvement or the nature of the style, and the glass can not be used too much.