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Safety precautions for use in color inkjet printers
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In the use of color inkjet printer should pay attention to what matters it? The following Jingutian universal printer manufacturers to tell you what to do.

1, use the forklift to move the color ink jet printer. Printer should be placed in a flat position, dry environment.

2, keep the working environment of the color inkjet printer clean and tidy.

3, use the emergency stop switch to allow the color inkjet printer to immediately stop working, and cut off all power supply.

4, keep the printer around there is enough space, so as to timely access to safety equipment, such as fire, fire gloves, waste storage, or the timely arrival of cleaning center, such as the eye cleaning center. 


5, if installed air purification system, should set aside enough space to place the exhaust pipe and air purification system, the exhaust pipe and air purification system will not cause tripping or interference printer operation, such as loading, unloading medium, inspection and replacement of waste cartridge. 

6, when the wire is inserted into the socket or pull the wire from the socket, should hold the wire. Do not pull wires, or you may damage the wires, and even lead to the risk of electric shock.