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Universal printer manufacturers tell you the printer head secret
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Universal printer nozzle is the core industry, currently has the ability of R & D and production of nozzle and only a few countries, the most concentrated production country belongs to Japan, EPSON, Ricoh, Seiko, KYOCERA and so on. At present, China is still not the ability to develop and produce this product. There has been no breakthrough in core technology, led to the development of industrial printing technology has been limited, but we believe in the support of our country and industry in a person with breadth of vision efforts, Chinese sooner or later will break the technical barriers, the rapid development of industrial printing industry. The following universal printer manufacturers tell you the secret of the printer head.


nozzle in accordance with the domestic industry head can be divided into five generation and the seven generation of head to head, in fact, in the original factory does not have this kind of division. Mainly used in EPSON 1390, 4880, 1800, 7880, 9800, 2000 and other models, this type of EPSON commercial printers are generally in the price of a thousand dollars, after the price is often more than ten thousand yuan.

EPSON nozzle print pattern detailed, high precision, but the speed is slow, poor adaptability of ink, and is not resistant to corrosion, the average life expectancy of 3 to 6 months, the need to replace. Originally EPSON nozzle does not belong to the industrial grade nozzle, the production process is a lot of. Seriously affect the stability and sustainability of production. At present, many in the industry have been aware of this, have to switch to other industrial grade nozzle, EPSON modified machine upcoming stage of history, but it is undeniable that in the digital printing industry started EPSON modified machine contribution.

Quasi industrial grade nozzle Seiko Seiko nozzle production, printing speed, corrosion resistance and service life of the nozzle is in general more than 2 years, the production and maintenance cost is low. But the biggest problem is the large nozzle, the accuracy is not high, suitable for industrial use does not require precision. At present, there are more applications in the advertising industry, the lack of effective application in other industries.

Ricoh Japan Ricoh nozzle industrial grade nozzle is typical, for a variety of industries, corrosion resistant, high precision, maintenance free characteristics, print speed and accuracy of the current price is the highest known nozzle. From the beginning of this year Ricoh universal printer nozzle in the domestic market will have a burst like growth.

 In short, the nozzle is a universal printer core parts, the core technology and processing technology of the head of the Chinese people have been unable to break through, leading to the monopoly of the developed countries, especially the Japanese monopoly. Directly cause the nozzle unit price and maintenance costs are too high. Of course, we also have reason to believe that our people will have a breakthrough in this area! More details landing