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What should be paid attention to the purchase of universal flat-panel printers?
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 With now UV tablet printing function more and more powerful, more and more areas began to use UV tablet printer, then buy the machine when should pay attention to what?

1, UV printer stability

In normal terms, the higher the stability of the machine, the better the machine, if a machine's stability is poor, even if it is fast, high precision is also very difficult to become a good UV tablet printer. Customers in the use of it will be very troublesome, and even affect the operation, there are a lot of speed accuracy is excellent universal printer manufacturers, and finally because of poor stability and exit the market.

2, speed

Speed is one of the machine's production capacity, it directly affects the sales and cost of investors.

3, accuracy

It is one of the important factors of image quality, the general market views on precision is higher accuracy, better quality, but this is not absolute, but also contains the quality of color and have no stripes and people with high accuracy to a certain extent with the naked eye is invisible, is lost it's meaning, so we say that the precision is high, but it is not necessary to endless high.

4, brand

This is the customer must see. Usually the big brand is a guarantee of customers, because of years of production experience, and they are the focus of the brand is the product quality assurance, such as BMW automobile in nearly 50 years after the Second World War, dozens of models, not a serious quality problem, now the brand has been chasing Aicheyizu chong.

5, the price of the machine

In fact, the price of the machine is not more expensive that the better its value, for example some UV flat-panel printers is much lower than the price of us, but it's faster than slow, stability worse than we, the price should be, but the value is not large, so the customer fancy should be its value!

6, the cost of supplies

Here refers to the ink and the spray head, etc.. The nozzle is expensive, according to its comprehensive cost-effective point of view, and the ink had to choose according to the product, the more appropriate, the less waste of ink, and print out a good product, but also to earn back the cost of a better.

7, after sales service

There is a complementary relationship with the strength of the company, is the enterprise based on the basis of customer service service, even if the customer service service are not professional, do not let the customer rest assured that peace of mind, the enterprises will be eliminated! After sales service is the customer in the daily operation of the normal operation and the quality of the operation of the guarantee, so after-sales service is very important!