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What are the advantages and disadvantages of UV tablet printer
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 Whether it is the first time the customer to buy a UV tablet printer, or we do this industry, we must study its advantages and disadvantages!

Advantages of UV tablet printers:

1 high printing precision.

2 applies to a lot of material, compatible with a wide range of.

3 without plate making, printing fast and low cost, can use a variety of output software, support a variety of file formats.

4 equipped with professional color management software, can be changed at any time color.

5 step by step, that is, printing and taking, to meet the needs of the fast out of the finished product.

6 unit price from printing, large quantities can be matching template printing, saving time and effort.

7 color image, once completed, progressive color could meet the photo quality, accurate positioning.

8 master fast, the operator does not need other professional skills.

9 computer operation, no personnel dependence, upgrade space.

10 does not affect the printing material.

Disadvantages of UV flat printer:

  1 can only print flat, uneven object does not exceed the 5mm drop, UV tablet printer is not in contact with the print, the object on the surface of the platform, the car on the slide rail plane. General printing material is flat, and if the circle or the curvature of the object pattern can not be printed on, because the ink car and the nozzle has a height difference, generally more than 5mm, will cause the ink and ink does not image problem. So this print limitation is relatively large, if the curvature of the product, how does not suggest that you buy this UV flatbed printer.

 2 jet speed relative to the screen printing and printing is relatively slow, the general color, UV tablet printer to print the 6 color, 8 color or 11 color, the output color development. Still a bit slow before printing. But because of high precision, good quality, customers only to choose UV flatbed printer. And it's also an advantage in labor costs.

   No matter how, have to seek truth from facts, according to their own products to do more research, suitable for their own is the best.