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Jade 3D popular background wall decoration industry
Time:【2016-06-08】 Count【1942】 【Print】【Back

 Recently the decoration industry ushered in the new - imitation jade backdrop, it can be used as a TV backdrop, business hall background. Imitation jade backdrop like jade Feiyu, perfect its 3D effect is even more curious, you may ask, so high-end fashion background wall is very expensive?


 In fact, it is the same as the common background wall tiles, but the work and the higher accuracy requirements, and to use relief printing. High resolution UV printer and perfect picture made it without flaw!


 Jade background wall using UV ink printing, its environmental protection and energy saving, water resistance and moisture, acid and alkali resistance, aging is not easy. It has a delicate pattern, high fidelity, environmental protection and durability are enhanced home decoration of the high-end atmosphere, taste extraordinary.


   UV printing process can be personalized, according to the size of the room decoration to build, design their own choice, so that each piece of the background wall is a work of art, really do not have the first two experience!


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