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UV printing technology has become the new darling of the line
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Japanese printing industry before the emergence of a variety of UV printing technology products, in fact, this process as early as 07 years ago has been promoted, but based on various types of products for individual demand is not high, manufacturers of its technological demand is not. But in the face of increasingly personalized demand market, the advantages of UV printing technology is gradually highlighted.The first prototype UV printer is to use weak solvent ink printer; before and after 06 years there have been manufacturers began to try to use the EPSON printer modification test, 07 years is the first year of UV flat-panel printers out; in 08 years because EPSON aspects have some defects, and the industrial grade nozzle etc.. With the development of UV printing technology, now has become the new darling of the industry.


UV printer is a high-tech free plate full color digital printing machine: it is not subject to any material restrictions in T-shirts, door, door, sliding door, color photo printing, glass plate, all kinds of signs, crystal, PVC, acrylic, metal, plastic, stone, leather and other surface.Do not need to do a plate printing, color beautiful rich, wear-resistant, anti ultraviolet, easy to operate, fast printing image, complete with industrial printing standards. Now the various sectors of the application more and more widely, for before printing, printing, water transfer printing, thermal transfer gradually replaced.

  Personalized gift market:

Domestic gift market size of 9 billion 800 million, has become a popular gift trends. In the gift printed on your photos or pictures, love icons, text, get rid of gift waking face, can better reflect the value of the gift giver and have great originality.


  Home decoration and furniture market:

Domestic home decoration market amounted to tens of billions, the family personalized decoration is also quietly popular. The user preferences according to their own Home Furnishing style, print their own love photos or images in decorative painting, ceramic tile, furniture, floor, decorate your home with their favorite style, to create a truly personal space of their own.


 Personalized products market:

Nowadays popular mobile phones and digital products market users are quite a part of the group of young fashion, printed on these products their logo is the best embodiment of personality. Some carry on items, such as make-up mirror, lighters, wallets, backpack, etc. are also a good way to reflect the personality of these users.

 Personalized video consumer goods market:

The rapid development of digital imaging, it is no longer confined to your own photos printed on the paper. Universal digital printing system can be any image printed on crystal, glass, acrylic, metal, ceramic, canvas and so on. Different materials on the product effect and give people the feeling is not the same, people can make their own photos printed on different materials, rich in the form and effect of the picture. 

Film, games, animation, popular culture surrounding the product market:

Digital printing system can also be based on the popular trend, the current popular some movies, animation, HIP-HOP and other pictures or popular elements printed on a number of items.


 Advertising and signage market:

High quality, high prices, small quantities of advertising and signs, such as a variety of metal membership cards, attendance cards, badges, listing, licensing and other full color printing, which is the current printing technology is difficult to achieve.