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Universal tablet printer application areas
Time:【2016-04-15】 Count【1891】 【Print】【Back

Universal tablet printer application areas? It is used very widely, can print pattern on metal, wood, glass, tiles, plastics and other materials, the following Jingutian to introduce application in three industries. 

    Glass industry

Flatbed printer can show direct printing various patterns on the glass, instead of manual drawing, to achieve real-time processing of no version, high efficiency and low cost, rich colors, then operation saves a lot of time for the glass industry customers, the use of the equipment has brought considerable economic benefits for the producers. 



   Decoration industry

Flatbed printer can print directly show the desired pattern on the ceiling, fireproof board, aluminum board, MDF, stone, ceramics, glass and other decorative materials, meet the personalized demand for decoration, bring considerable economic benefits for the construction decoration company.



 Label industry

Can show that the direct printing pattern on various hard plate material, instead of screen printing, corrosion, film and other traditional sign technology, which reduces the process and reduces the cost. And increase the firm degree, electric signs, traffic signs, safety signs, reflective signs and other manufacturers the ideal equipment.标牌打印机