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Ricoh G5 and G4 head
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   Ricoh nozzle is the nozzle are UV printer to the best use, from the printing effect, its stability, comprehensive performance out of print speed, so Ricoh price than EPSON, Toshiba, head to expensive Seiko, konica.

    With the development of industrial applications, Ricoh nozzle UV printer is used more and more widely. Ricoh nozzle nozzle as industrial grade, has been widely used, is the industry recognized the best effect of nozzle.

 Now a large Ricoh UV printer using basic G5 nozzle, a 4 nozzle ink outlet, can produce two colors, just type nozzle, the G5 stability is very good, its work efficiency is much higher than G4, following some detailed comparison:

A jet nozzle 1 Ricoh G5 nozzle 1280, the orifice 4 heads is 5120. The orifice of a sprinkler nozzle is 384 G4 Ricoh. 8 nozzles are 3072 nozzles. Compared to 4 head Ricoh G5 is more than twice as fast as Ricoh G4. There is a Ricoh G5 frequency is 60 Hz, Ricoh G4 is 30 Hz, jet speed will be faster.

2 Ricoh G5 is not easily affected by the working environment (with a constant temperature circuit and thermal insulation system). Not affected by the viscosity of the ink temperature (applicable to a variety of ink, print images clear, ink flow). Ricoh G4 nozzle is restricted by the working environment (not because the image printed circuit and constant temperature insulation is not the same as the summer and winter). High demand for ink (special designated ink). Printing ink is not smooth enough, the image is not clear G5.

3 Ricoh G5 nozzle is plated with unique materials, resistant to corrosion, smooth, not easy to oblique.

4 rows of holes 4 Ricoh G5 integrated in a floor, no need for registration, is not affected by mechanical design error, and Ricoh G4 multi color mosaic, difficult, error.

5 Ricoh G4 price: 15 thousand; Ricoh G5 price: 25 thousand.

6 print speed, G5:20m L / h, G4:12m L / h.

7 Ricoh G5, G4 head of the droplet is 7 - 35pl.

  After all Ricoh G5 G4 upgrade, of course, stronger than the G4, finally to remind customers to buy Ricoh machine, now many manufacturers have to do Ricoh machine, and do it well, not many manufacturers, the purchase must understand this industry, several!