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Common nozzle price and life of UV tablet printer
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Common nozzle:

   1 Ricoh series: at present Ricoh nozzle with development to have G5, of course G4, gh2220 small Ricoh, comparable with G5. Ricoh machine in the industrial production of high popularity!

   2 EPSON series: start early, high precision, EPSON nozzle has been developed to the 7 generation, many kinds, here is not one of the list, EPSON nozzle maintenance up may be trouble point.

      3 Series: Seiko Seiko head common are 1024 and 510, with almost Ricoh speed, accuracy almost.

      4 Konica series: Konica common Konica 512 nozzles.

      5 Toshiba: and in front of the head of the tycoon than up, Toshiba head start late, in front of 5 are japanese.

      6 Purcell (XAAR English): British manufacturers have Xaar 382 printheads.

      7 North Star: the United States manufacturers, there are 512.


    Domestic use are Ricoh, EPSON, Konica, Seiko, Toshiba out in the near future, and Purcell, Polaris, the price is more expensive, less domestic use. Really determine which nozzle to see its good prospect, if many manufacturers are producing Ricoh machine, and Ricoh machine with good, buy a large number of users, it shows that Ricoh good prospects, as well as other similarly.


    1 Ricoh life 2 - 3 years;

     2 EPSON service life 3 - May;

     3 Precision service life 12 - 8 months;

     4 Konica 8 - 12 months service life;

      5 Toshiba service life is not easy to say, the new out of the;

      6 Purcell life 1 - 3 years;

      7 Polaris life 3 - 5 years. 


    1 Ricoh Ricoh head: G5 expensive price: 20 thousand, small Ricoh gh2220:4000 block.

    2 EPSON sprinkler head: 6000.

    3 Precision nozzle: precision 1020:12000, precision 255:8500.

    4 Konica: 8500, have 10 thousand and 5 nozzle.

    5 Toshiba nozzle: prices in 3, 5 thousand.

    6 Purcell nozzle: cheap 3, 4 thousand good points to more than 10 thousand, relatively few domestic users.

  7 North Pole Star nozzle: the price is more expensive, the price of 512/15PL 11000 or so; good nozzle to 7, 80 thousand. Because imports from the United States, but also the use of domestic users less.

  The nozzle has no absolute good which is based on the actual situation, because they have their own advantages and disadvantages! A lot of time to consider is a cost-effective!