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Factors affecting the printing effect of UV printers
Time:【2016-07-06】 Count【1968】 【Print】【Back

One, their own factors:

1, UV configuration printer nozzle, nozzle, precision hardware directly affect the print effect.

2, UV color printer software, software machine software directly affect the print effect.

Two, other factors:

    1, operating skills

   UV tablet printers have a certain requirement for the operator, of course, the purchase of machinery manufacturers will give users professional training, the latter also need to be skilled and accumulated experience.

 2, coating treatment

 Part of the material needs to be equipped with special coating, in order to make the design more perfect printing on the surface of the material. It is important to the coating processing, the first point must be uniform, uniform color coating will be uniform; the second is to select the coating, can not be confused.

 3, UV ink

 UV tablet printers need to use a special ink, the general manufacturers will be supporting the sale. UV ink quality is a direct impact on the effect of printing, for different models of the machine to choose different ink. It is best to directly find the manufacturers to buy or use the manufacturer's recommended ink.

 4, is printed material

 Operating personnel to understand the extent of the material will also affect the effect of printing. UV ink itself will react with the printing material, will penetrate a certain percentage of different materials, the degree of penetration is not the same, so the operator of the familiar with the printing material will affect the final effect of printing.

 5, picture of its own factors

  When the UV tablet printer is no problem, to consider whether it is a picture of the image itself is a factor, if the picture itself is a pixel in general, then there is no good printing effect. Even on the picture for refinement, is unable to achieve higher quality printing effect.

  Machine's own factors and external factors are equally important for the printing effect, but the purchase of a good UV printer is the premise! Later on, the skilled operation process understanding are ripe.