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Universal color printing machine the use of safety precautions
Time:【2016-03-21】 Count【2048】 【Print】【Back

We in the purchase of universal color printing machine, first of all to learn how to use the machine and the need to pay attention to what matters, following Kimtani Tao to organize a few points in the use of universal printer use safety precautions. As follows:

1, pay attention to whether the negative value of OK, the appropriate negative value directly affects the printing effect, after a long time off, the negative pressure value may be slightly changed, so the need to confirm and adjust.

2, the print head state diagram: in order to verify the universal color printing machine nozzle work is normal, whether the plug hole, whether on color, to prevent the occurrence of some unknown situation. A day before the formal implementation of the print job, and after the end of the day, to the print head state chart, head to the best state, and for the record, also need to keep up with the state diagram of a nozzle to do comparison, observe whether there are changes in the state of nozzle.万能彩印机

Before 3, the first use of universal color printing machine, and the machine long time after work, need to verify the calibration value is correct.