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As the mobile phone shell relief effect how to use UV printer
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Beautiful phone shell relief effect how to use UV printer to print? I believe many users and mobile phone shell manufacturers are looking forward to know the answer, first UV printing is a new technology and gradually replace the traditional process, because it can greatly reduce the cost, and the effect is good. So a lot of ceramic tile, wood, cardboard manufacturers are beginning to use this new technology, so Jingutian UV printer manufacturers today and we introduce. Relief phone shell is how to come? Production process is not very complicated?


 We know a good craft to go through a lot of complex processes, such as color, sculpture, sand blasting, polishing and so on with each other in order to perfect the production, the traditional way of relief phone shell is also the case. Relief effect is beautiful and generous, with a strong sense of three-dimensional and artistic effect. If the phone shell only needs a simple relief effect, can not be so much trouble, only need a UV printer can be solved. So UV tablet printer is how to achieve the effect of cell phone shell relief it?

 Mobile phone shell relief effect mainly depends on the accumulation of white ink, white ink is the main component of phthalocyanine pigment particles, relatively large, so it is easy to accumulate a relief effect. Flat printer relief mobile phone shell is the first printing white ink, white ink when accumulated to a certain thickness of the anaglyph effect and then print a color ink layer completes the relief printing process.

UV tablet printing mobile phone shell relief effect of the steps is simple and convenient, it is easy to achieve, in addition, the operator's proficiency and technical level to achieve good printing effect is very important. UV printer to print a lot of mobile phone shell relief process is less than the traditional production process, it greatly saves the production cost. This is the advantage of UV printing relative to the traditional technology, I believe many mobile phone shell manufacturers are heart bar!