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Stunned! Super stability kgt-1016uv printer for only 99999 yuan!
Time:【2016-07-02】 Count【2011】 【Print】【Back

    Last month old customer feedback Rangli activities, activities are very successful, just 25 days 28 Taiwan machine sold almost all activities.  

  But the people of kgt-1010 or enthusiasm so far according to customer requirements and market demand, a high-quality performance of the classic Jingutian company launched hot models, Kgt-1016 in the original print format of kgt-1010 more and more beautiful appearance improvement at the same time, will also print the software upgrade for Mongolia and Thailand and Germany colorgate, photoprint optional, to other hardware are just perfect optimization. At the same time, equipped with win7 ultimate operating system, so that the UV printer experience more fluid.


 In the kgt-1010 platform lifting and automatic induction highly finished printing, resolution of 720*1200 pixels. The machine adopts imported silver manufacturers high stability of linear guide, the domestic well-known brand servo motor control; kgt-1016 front lifting and automatic altimeter finished printing, support Mongolia and Thailand and Germany colorgate, optional photoprint software. Ricoh and GH2220 head of the precision can be achieved at the EPSON precision drops can reach 3.5pl and support bidirectional printing speed can be compared with the speed of industrial grade. In addition to the tail of the fuselage for the first time with a button to activate a button, more continuous printing. Printing speed and precision is better. 


 In the increasingly fierce competition in the industry, it is necessary to have innovation, especially in this age of the Internet, you do not innovate on the face of the elimination. UV printer industry as the current hot entrepreneurial machines, more suitable for entrepreneurs of the machine. In actual use, kgt-1016 performance is very satisfactory, in terms of speed and accuracy of color printing color printing are very good, meet most of the market demand is absolutely no problem.