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Acrylic color printing machine in life
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     Acrylic is also called organic glass, its chemical name PMMA, good transparency, corrosion resistance, high temperature and low temperature glass it is not so fragile, but also has good printability and spraying, spray can print the ideal decoration.

Acrylic UV printer applications: advertising light boxes, signs, furniture door, glass tiles, partition screen, background walls, leather murals, suitable for modern decoration, office hall, nightclub KTV, bath center and other leisure places all kinds of decoration Home Furnishing.


Acrylic printing without coating? In fact, there is a difference between all kinds of acrylic, such as domestic and imported acrylic acrylic, acrylic coating does not require domestic and imported, need coating. Our company will according to the acrylic material, and then select the ink to print products, do not fade, resistance to high temperature, after repeated testing to meet customer needs standard. 


   What are the acrylic printing process? They are printing, heat transfer printing, UV printing.

Their cost is as follows:

 1, the cost of silk screen is low, the labor cost is less;

 2, heat transfer cost is higher, the labor cost is higher;

 3, UV printing cost is highest, the lowest labor cost.

    From the picture, three processes are possible, taking into account the actual printing needs, if it is a small batch customized printing or high-end products, you need to UV printing, UV printing precision is higher, more simple operation.