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A3 universal printer features are those?
Time:【2016-03-05】 Count【1839】 【Print】【Back

 First of all we are familiar with the A3 universal printer is a small printing equipment, because of its small size, the print range is small, for some mobile phone manufacturers, shell jewelry small items to businesses this is the advantage of it. The following Jingutian flatbed printer manufacturers to introduce A3 universal printer according to the specific characteristics of what? A3 universal printer


1, one step to complete, that is, printing and taking, to meet the needs of a quick sample out of the finished product. 

2, unit price from printing large quantities can be matched template printing, save time and effort.

3, full color image, once completed, progressive color could meet the photo quality, accurate positioning, the rejection rate is zero. 

4, applicable to any material, compatible with widespread.

5, just 30 minutes, you can master the production of fine, without professional skills.

6, computer operation, no personnel dependence, upgrade space.

7, no need for plate making, printing fast and low cost, can use a variety of output software, support a variety of file formats.

 8, equipped with professional color management software, can whenever and wherever possible to change color, no extra cost.