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10 common Photoshop bad habits
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    We use UV tablet printer in the need to use Photoshop, AI and other image processing tools, they gathered a lot of excellent features, so that our design work has become more intelligent and automated. However, in the daily use of the process, we will inevitably develop some bad habits, thereby reducing the work efficiency, and even affect the quality of work.

 This article lists 10 of the most common Photoshop errors, so that you in the actual operation to avoid the occurrence of these errors, so as to improve the efficiency and quality of work.

  1 no shortcut keys

 For designers, the use of PS to prepare the shortcut keys or create a personalized shortcut keys, is to improve work efficiency, while one of the ways to save time and effort. Although it may take some time to learn to be familiar with, but the effect of the application shortcuts is worth the time you spent. You can even create your own Photoshop script to create your own shortcut keys.


     2 forget to save

 In the application of a software editor, we always make a mistake, is to save. When the fault is encountered a sudden power failure or rather baffling when not saved will let all the work come to nothing. We always tell ourselves that we will keep it regularly, and feel that our talk is quite persuasive. In fact, forget we still forget to save.

 3 confusing layer management

 PS layer features make it easier to edit images and create enough layers on the basis of the design to improve the editing efficiency. But for beginners, it is often in order to improve the speed of editing files and ignore the importance of creating a reasonable layer. When you need more and more layers of content, just regret not to open the appropriate layer system design.


 Layer group is a tool for PS management layer. For this very simple tool, even have a certain experience of designers sometimes also ignored, not to this cause enough attention, no organization and management of the complex layer group. The group layer can be a layer of similar classification management, not only in the layers panel looks smooth and clean, and when the content of layer edit find will be easier. Try to think of a take over your work to see the layers panel mess, will lower your impression.

 4 permanent adjustment

  When need to adjust the image, and can select the layer mask or the eraser tool, preferred to choose the layer mask tool. Because of using the eraser tool will make permanent adjustment to the image, that is when the next time you open the image file, never found the original image, and the layer mask provides the reason you choose. Similarly, when you can use smart objects, do not use the grid layer.


  5 over reliance on picture library

 When we use Photoshop design, will often use the picture library. But sometimes, their own shooting or create the image may be better, or even faster. When using the picture library, you need to clear the image of the material is associated with the design, and when necessary to optimize the use of Photoshop material. Could not because of the gradual improvement of the picture library, and ignore other ways to get the design material.

  6 too believe in CMYK mode

  For printing design, often used in CMYK mode. But do not think that the CMYK model is the best color mode. In fact, CMYK model has some limitations and shortcomings, such as some functions and filters can not be used normally, but generally relatively large image files. Therefore, under certain conditions, the use of RGB mode sampling may be more advantage, and in the final stage into the CMYK model will make the actual printing effect more in line with the design objectives.


  7 over modification

 In practical applications, we can see a lot of excessive modification of examples, such as the designer is the image of the excessive use of PS gun, resulting in the picture is not coordinated. Do not want to be too perfect, because of the excess of perfect, it will appear distorted. Note that in the modified not overdo sth. in operation, excessive operation will make everything seem false and boring.



  Photoshop is a very useful software, but it is not to say that each design task of the operating software to select PS as the best. In fact, such as the design of vector logo design, Illustrator is a better choice for web design, Fireworks targeted more enhanced, although Adobe is no longer updated this software. So try to try other image editing software, remember their advantages, and then comprehensive use.

  9 conversion of black and white image method is single

  In the PS main menu, select "Image > adjust > color", will be the image of all color saturation is reduced to 0, all the color value to gray value, so as to get black and white image. But this image does not appear to have a sense of texture and no vitality.

  But there are other ways: channel mixer. In the PS main menu, select "Image > adjust > channel mixer", check if the single color, and then adjust the red, green and blue channel settings, it is worth to obtain satisfactory results.

  10 resolution using 72dpi

  Photoshop default resolution of 72dpi, for web design is sufficient, but can not meet the requirements of printing design. Therefore, when you create a canvas, you need to set a good DPI value according to the design, such as printing is generally set to 300dpi. Set the correct resolution, you can reduce unnecessary trouble later, and to provide more room for the subsequent amendments.


     As a semi automated production of UV printer can not be separated from the computer, can not be separated from the PS, so the printing staff not only need to be familiar with the operation, but also need good work habits!