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Glass material with a flat printer to fly it
Time:【2016-03-25】 Count【1845】 【Print】【Back

I recently received many companies frequently decoration industry requirements for glass print patterns, will also mean a huge potential market in the glass industry, through our testing of glass material can smoothly through adhesion, print design, bright color and vivid. Glass material with a flat printer to fly it? Now we have such a large question can rest assured that the glass material with a flat printer print pattern is very reliable.


First of all, we can print flat-panel printers, all kinds of metal, ceramic, crystal, ABS, organic glass, acrylic, PVC, PP, film, plastic, wood, leather, stone, toys, U disk and other material objects, soft objects, rigid objects. A direct imaging, color pattern, LOGO, text printing on the surface of the product, no plate, a film, sun net edition, non-performing rate is almost zero, the processing cost is reduced by 50%, sampling speed, good effect.No limit of batch size, consistent with the cost of single Jingutian with coating, makes the quality assurance to perfect! Jingutian has product research engineers and complete quality control system, strong technical support to enable you to get more high-quality products and services, reduce your production of unnecessary trouble. Combined with the computer to make the output image more realistic, image waterproof, sunscreen, wear resistance, never fade, never shift, never re shadow, bright color, the effect is clear!

 If you are doing the glass industry and want to try new technology, you can consult Jingutian, you are welcome to inquire.