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UV printer to do the background wall tiles fly it
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  UV printer do background wall tile reliable? At the beginning of many customers will have such doubts, after the industry becomes more mature, more customers began to use the UV printer to print the tile wall, some of them are using traditional craft ceramic tile wall, some have the intention to invest UV printers to do background wall tiles. But now the traditional process is not only high cost, but also the process is very complex.


 In fact, UV printers as early as a few years ago has entered the domestic market, combined with the overall tile background wall industry to analyze, this industry will only be getting better and better, is still in the early stages of the industry. Now the people's living standards improve, the pursuit of art, more beautiful, the decoration for tile wall demand is also growing, ordinary people, urban residents and even rural background wall tile house decoration will choose personality pattern. The traditional process is complex, the required operating personnel and equipment are also more, virtually increased the cost of investment.Tile background wall is a potential industry, is currently in a period of vigorous development, when some people still hovering in the cost of investment stage, some of the early people have already made a. Is a very reliable UV printer to do tile wall, we simply calculate the profits for everyone: tile background wall cost to use UV printer to print one square meter is about 7~15 yuan, the processed product price in 50~500 yuan / square meters, the price difference is mainly process difference, such as the plane pattern and embossed price the difference is very big.

In terms of the current market situation, with UV printers to do the background wall tile factory is relatively small, you want to get a bigger market, it is necessary to seize the initiative. Jingutian also provide free technical training, customer service related services, for you to solve the menace from the rear. UV printer to do the background wall tiles, must be absolutely reliable!