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Universal printer maintenance method
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We need to maintain the daily universal printer, if not to maintenance will also be prone to failure, the following Jingutian small finishing some universal printer maintenance method:

 1 basic cleaning method: 

according to the positive pressure cleaning button, and then use a dedicated swab or non-woven wipe the surface of the nozzle. (Note: do not use a pressure above 40kPa) warning: the use of other materials to wipe the nozzle may cause pollution or damage to the spray hole  

  2 inclined jet / plug hole maintenance method

  Cleaning procedures: rotating plug exhaust nozzle unscrew the end, until the ink tube and nozzle in the ink has been basically out. The ink pipe is connected with a filter of 5 mu, and a special cleaning liquid is extracted from a glass needle cylinder, and the injection nozzle is injected through a 5 mu filter. At the same time in cleaning nozzle with a cotton stick / non-woven graze nozzle surface, single nozzle cleaning time not too long, should be washed after 5 seconds pause 5 seconds, according to the steps when the cleaning liquid spray nozzle has no obvious ink color, stop cleaning. After the cleaning operation, the nozzle can be improved in general.  

  3 sprinkler maintenance

  The need to remove the nozzle when maintenance method, spray cleaning liquid rinse after cleaning liquid to leave little nozzle, the nozzle, nozzle connection pipe together from the spray frame removed, and then soaked in the cleaning liquid non-woven fabric affixed to the surface of the nozzle, nozzle wrapped with plastic wrap, expected to know more universal printer maintenance method, please continue to pay attention to!