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What is the ICC curve for UV printer manufacturers to talk about
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What is the ICC curve? Perhaps most people do not know, all is normal, but in contact or UV printers in this line of development much more about. Some people think that with the ICC curve will be able to print out a very beautiful picture, in fact, below the UV printer manufacturers to do a popular explanation.

 First of all: the International Color Association International Color Consortium ICC referred to as The, put forward and create a set of international standards and the theory of common follow the concept of. The basic principle of ICC color management is: ICC color management system to set the standard as the basis for. With the characteristics of accurate detection, color gamut defined from the input to the output effects of each part of the color change factor description file, data showing the curve obtained color gamut, standard Lab color space model through independent operation outside the system to compare and analyze the operation, resulting in support of the entire operating system consistent with the color information, color distortion and the integration of the color gamut caused by different factors, solve the various aspects of color and density curve is not a balance of.   


 Then, the ink of different materials and different have different reflection, comparison chart and PP cast paper, ink is different in chemical reaction surface coating, that is to say, the ink will have different effects on how to reach these coatings amount, then make a correction in the computer when the printer language conversion to language needs, such as the ICC curve plays a role. Furthermore, different characteristics of the equipment but also to the identification and implementation of these languages have differences, such as the first generation EPSON and fourth generation nozzle nozzle, is different on the recognition ability and ability to execute these instructions and the language, though with the same ink and substrate, but also to develop according to different ICC curves the condition of the equipment.ICC curve generation: through the similar EYEONE and other color management equipment and software, so that the production of ICC curve is simple and fast. EYEONE uses a standard color on the substrate by the software, and then through the spectrophotometer including input to the software, compared with the original color, the deviation value is the ICC curve files, different materials have different curves of different ink also have different curves.


 About RGB, computer software in the RGB color gamut is very wide, the computer is a computer language; and we use the C printer, M, Y, K or C, M, Y, K, LC, LM etc. we can be called a printer language. Because of the color language of computer output to the printer here will have a translator to translate, such as the combination of black, in the computer software PHOTOSHOP can be set to black C:50; Y:50; M:50 (for example, the proportion of it is not necessarily black) so a combination of black computer output language, printer driver will be issued C:50; Y:50; M:50 instructions to the printer, the printer according to the instructions to the ink jet forming pattern.      


Therefore, UV printer manufacturers do not understand to make ICC curve, also do not understand the significance of the ICC curve, simply put the other ink for testing after the simple blending out of inferior ink, does not provide a perfect color service system. This is a serious responsibility for customers. And because the media types used in desktop printer is relatively small, so the driver in the printer has some similar to the curve of the file, so the desktop printers do not need curve file support,The use of non production curve for this device, the effect of course is not good. In large format, using third RIP software needs to have the equipment transferred to the ICC curve of the graphics output for print media in RIP software. So, Jingutian UV printer manufacturers to remind you not to ignore the ICC curve, can easily download some from the Internet to mess with the curve. Bear in mind!