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Good application prospect of ceramic ink jet printer
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Ceramic ink jet printer is directly printed on the surface of ceramic by means of ink jet printing. Compared with the traditional ceramic decorative means, the ink jet printing technology has the advantage of breakthrough. Can reach 720dpi, the printer can print out the relief effect, thus realistic oil painting, imitation wood, imitation marble pattern, 3D effect, the realization of personalized color printing. Ceramic inkjet printers are using the latest industrial grade Ricoh nozzle, fast printing speed, ink control, drop eye minimum 3.5pl almost invisible ink, the print into "print" in new era.

Obvious advantage

Ink jet technology is a non-contact, no pressure, no printing plate printing technology, the information stored in the electronic computer input inkjet printing machine can be printed. The traditional screen printing technology, is the use of screen dot density and penetration glaze to control the volume of printed pattern clarity and color. Screen printing density is bigger, more delicate, more clear pattern. The printing roller is still not out of this principle, but the roller engraving technology can do more intensive outlets, through controlling the amount of the larger range of glaze tiles, printing screen more clearly than fine.The ink-jet technology is completely out of this principle, the use of air jet glazing method, the color glaze color according to the computer input ratio for printing. The tile surface color by color is very dense, there is no net and blank, not only the color can be gradual or even dozens of transition, but also the traditional technology can not match the definition.


The first major advantage: inkjet printing technology does not need to contact, inkjet printing technology is the first to make the pattern more realistic, there is a sense of three-dimensional, prior to the printing technology is not able to do. 

Performance of printing technology second major advantages of traditional color, confined to itself with the roller screen equipment, generally only can display four colors, special words can go to six colors, Chinese in Foshan ceramic industry, is generally based on the four color. The inkjet technology has the advantage that can be expressed in the same tile color above dozens of species, without any restrictions, even has a color gradient, red orange yellow green blue purple, can appear on the same floor above the most incisive in traditional printing technology, there is no way to achieve.

The third advantage is that the performance of the product, the principle of clarity of inkjet technology is using high resolution 720dPI, the equivalent of 12 million pixel digital camera, and traditional printing technology is equivalent to 3 million pixel HD technology.

The fourth advantage is that the replication of products, can be engraved with the color of nature more than 95% scenes, like the input print ink, quite a picture immediately after the reduction to take, in the traditional printing technology is not achieved.

There are other advantages in production, due to the use of spraying technology, the cost of fuel and paint itself is relatively small, but also in line with the concept of national energy saving and environmental protection.


Personalized customization of ink jet technology

The average consumer demands for customized products, are based on changes made enterprises to provide product information, such as customer ceramic products finished according to the proposed change specifications and colors and other customized requirements, within the scope of these requirements is the production capacity of enterprises, with the use of inkjet technology, consumers have got more and more to meet customized product requirements.

Ink jet printing will meet the needs of consumers personalized, for example, some people like Van Gogh sunflower, the traditional technology can not be resolved, it can be solved by inkjet printing technology. For designers, if you know the needs of consumers, you can tell the manufacturers to build a separate. Personalization does not require large quantities, but to meet the needs of personalized and high-end. For example, TV walls and screens all need a personalized product.



Inkjet equipment controlled by computer, can accurately control the amount of each tile color glaze, greatly reduce the waste of raw materials, reduce the cost. To achieve a small batch, personalized production. It can meet the personalized requirements in a very short period of time, more suitable for the trend of today's ceramic tile fashion, personality and art, small batch and multi variety, Gao Fangzhen, low carbon development.