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What are the famous brand UV printers in China
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From the development trend of today's society, China's UV printer brand numerous, due to the technical characteristics of each kind of different brands, UV printers are also different. At present, Ricoh UV printer by the attention of people. Therefore, today's society UV tablet printers more focus on brand advantage. Because of the different technology. Because buy UV tablet printer, the customer is more concerned about the Kimtani Tarihikaru printer, in our country, what brand of UV printer technology is superior? Let's have a brief introduction:


  China's domestic well-known brand printer equipment Mimaki, extension, and so on. The advantages of these brands are their respective technological advantages. UV tablet printer in the improvement of performance, print accuracy, print speed, stability, appearance has a unique technology. The advantages of the brand UV printer is the configuration and after-sales advantages: the configuration is the top suppliers to provide, the general price is higher, but the failure rate is low, the system is stable and reliable. After sales service: the choice of good reputation, strong ability to repair, spare parts adequate service providers.