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Mobile phone shell printer market outlook
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   Mobile phone shell printer market outlook. With the popularity of iPhone mobile phone, HUAWEI mobile phone market, apple, HUAWEI mobile phone shell is more and more widely used by everyone, it can be said that as long as there is a mobile phone where there is a mobile phone shell, mobile phone shell as long as there must be a UV printer, if you would like to take this opportunity to go into the mobile phone shell printing market. We choose mobile phone shell Jingutian printer must be right, Guangzhou and the Pearl River Delta, more than 90% of the mobile phone shell boss is Ricoh print UV printer for us.

Mobile shell market:

 According to new data, in 2016 the number of global smart phone users will be more than 2 billion. 2015 global smart phone users has reached 1 billion 910 million, after almost everyone a mobile phone, and the future is the world of smart phones. Every year to 30% of the speed surge. In order to protect the mobile phone from wear, anti slip, etc., mobile phone shell needs to grow day by day, mobile phone shell in addition to the protection function, more decorative function. For 80, 90 after the group, a cell phone is generally required to use a few mobile phone shell.Young people nowadays love love love change, early adopters, out of the ordinary. It is the same batch production of mobile phone, mobile phone shell has the advantages of low price, can freely change as young people highlight their individuality!


 Fashion, personality has become many people are optimistic about the market, mobile phone protection shell not only as a decoration to make your mobile phone has become a beautiful scenery, can be more protection against falls, mobile phone, waterproof and shockproof good bodyguard! Mobile shell development in 2016, is no longer a simple utility. With the popularity of mobile phone in the young community, almost every pursuit of fashion, personality of young people want to have a part of the one and only mobile phone, mobile phone shell has been unable to meet the ordinary consumer's vision!


 No matter what the photo, as long as you can meet your needs, it will be able to customize a visual impact of the phone shell. Whether the customer or a variety of graffiti works, photos, material, or even a mobile phone shell material, can achieve arbitrary, truly realize the mobile phone shell DIY, my family, my wonderful experience of mobile phone shell to show!

Mobile phone shells are often used in mobile phone shell, mobile phone shell, shell, TPU plastic shell, solvent based mobile phone shell, UV ink cell phone shell. Personalized mobile phone shell Market: each big city pedestrian street; all the gate of the school; the studio wedding of all customers; large supermarket shoppers; the station a large number of tourists tourists; tourist attractions;