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Daily maintenance of universal printer
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Many customers are concerned about the purchase of universal printer a problem - the daily maintenance of universal printer. First of all, we should pay attention to the problem: to ensure that the ink supply system is smooth, the machine for a long time, please be sure to replace the ink filter every 3 months. When the nozzle to be removed and maintenance can be divided into short time and long time, short time for a month, long time for two months or more.Long maintenance period is two months, that is, after two months, the head of the nozzle to re check the ink on the head, to ensure that no problem after the nozzle and then according to the relevant steps of packaging. Maintenance method, please refer to the demolition of the sprinkler head short time without maintenance methods and the demolition of the nozzle for a long time without maintenance. Spray nozzle storage environment: the temperature is 5 ~ 40 degrees C, the humidity is 10 ~ 85%RH, avoid direct sunlight. 

1 universal printer maintenance: 

1) every day before and after the print operation, be sure to print head of the state diagram, to ensure that the state of the nozzle is normal. 

(2) prepare cleaning solution (special), PE plastic wrap (30cm), non-woven fabric;

3) the use of non-woven wet cleaning liquid, paste in the nozzle below, and then use plastic wrap and seal the nozzle, avoid moisture during the fresh-keeping film slide drying cleaning liquid lead.

 2 universal printer maintenance for a long time (more than one week)

1) use the cleaning fluid to clean the entire ink supply system.

2) in accordance with the short-term shutdown maintenance.

 3 universal printer short term shutdown maintenance (3-7 days)

1) rotating plug exhaust nozzle to unscrew the end of the ink pipe and nozzle in the ink has been basically out.

2) the ink pipe is connected with a 5 mu filter, and the special cleaning liquid is extracted by the glass needle cylinder. At the same time in cleaning spray with the cotton swab to graze the nozzle surface, single nozzle cleaning time not too long, should be washed after 5 seconds pause 5 seconds, according to the steps when the cleaning liquid spray nozzle has no obvious ink color, stop cleaning.  

3) according to the daily maintenance method to maintain the nozzle. 

The above is Jingutian UV printer manufacturers to some advice for you, sincerely hope you use universal printer smoothly, bring good returns.