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UV printer factory tutor you how to maintain the sprinkler
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Jingutian UV printer factory teach you how to maintain the head? If the nozzle is not for a long time, please follow the following procedures to carry out the protection of the head: 

1, close two cartridges to switch the ink nozzle, prevent ink does not stop flow nozzle 

2, supporting the use of cleaning fluid, injected into the ink nozzle above the filter end of the cleaning liquid, clean the residual ink in the nozzle, the nozzle is standard transparent liquid 

3, from the filter into the ink end use the syringe to the nozzle in air blowing nozzle cleaning liquid residue

4, from the filter ink inlet end, injecting special moisturizing liquid to the nozzle, the nozzle surface has a standard for moisturizing liquid and a 

5, reconnect to the ink filter, and then use the multilayer non-woven fabric, soaked with moisturizing liquid enough, stick to the nozzle surface 

6, can be used plastic film cover the whole surface of the nozzle nozzle, isolated from the air, let moisturizing liquid in nozzle inside, no volatilization in a short period of time, to the purpose of moisturizing spray nozzle. The 

7 part of the whole car, shading, avoid light irradiation to the nozzle surface!

 Remember these points can be maintained UV printer nozzle, and the nozzle is an important part of the UV printer. Currently on the market the most prone to nozzle blocked, resulting in UV printer cannot be used, one is our lack of maintenance knowledge of nozzle, on the other hand is the nozzle is produced on the market to survive in the short life. UV printer manufacturers to remind you that the current market is the best nozzle to mathematical light. Hope to read this article can help you.