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3 UV tablet printers successfully sent to Zhejiang
Time:【2016-04-25】 Count【1003】 【Print】【Back

Sunday morning, Ningbo, Yiwu, Jinhua, Zhejiang customer's UV tablet printer success. At the same time thank the Zhejiang customer for the trust and support of the!

Nine in the morning, workshop supervisors and technicians early to make the machine to prepare 3 sets of UV printers, the first is the technical engineer of the factory complete detection for 3 machine, the indicators are in line with national standards. Then do the inspection of packaging, in order to ensure the smooth process of the machine.


Jingutian 2513uv flat-panel printers using the latest Ricoh G5 nozzle, the top German color management software, the negative pressure control system for ink, using segmented "TEFLON" suction platform, as well as 3 high performance industrial servo motor, set many powerful functions in one! Make UV printer performance better, more efficient, and usher in a lot of customer trust.


Ten o'clock in the morning, 3 sets of 2513uv printers on time hair machine. The first is a forklift truck fork truck, and then the staff will be pushed to the machine and fixed. After more than half an hour, 3 sets of 2513uv printers are on the train are fixed, successfully sent to Zhejiang.