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The difference of UV printer and printer, flatbed printer
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   Tablet printers include UV printers, and UV printers need to use UV ink to use, while the tablet printer also has a weak solvent ink does not require UV UV lamp. They have a common advantage is that the fight that is dry. A different place is a need UV ultraviolet lamp irradiation, one is not needed, and the other UV printer can print the relief effect, printing speed can be printed on any material suitable for mass production. And the use of a weak solvent ink tablet printing is not able to print the relief effect can not be printed white ink.


The printer is a large printer series of products, no printing, high-definition photo machine, but now the launch of the printer resolution is greatly improved, the printer is a nozzle material in the ink printer. It is like a large format printer. Generally used in the advertising industry, used for outdoor advertising, can choose the number of a nozzle installation, spray nozzle more and faster, the general life of a head for 1 years.