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The development prospect of UV flat printer
Time:【2016-05-20】 Count【1800】 【Print】【Back

  UV flatbed printer using UV curing ink and printing technology to achieve digital spray that is dry, apply to materials widely, in any material on the surface of color inkjet printing equipment, the modern trend of other traditional incomparable printing technology innovation. This and everyone analysis applications, UV flatbed printer production advantage and development direction.

Objective to design and manufacture the original UV flatbed printer is used for printing hard material printing equipment, it broke through the inkjet print only in soft material constraints, is an important turning point in the history of inkjet, inkjet technology to enter the era of marks in many fields. Another advantage of the UV tablet printer is that it opens up new business opportunities. Because of the variety of printing materials, it has a wider range of applications, to meet the diverse needs of various industries, all kinds of material customers.


 Making advantage:

1, applicable to any material, compatible with a wide range of. 

2, no need for plate making, printing fast and low cost, can use a variety of output software, support a variety of file formats. 

3, with a professional color management software, can be changed at any time color, color transition smooth.

4, one step to complete, that is, printing and taking, to meet the needs of a quick sample out of the finished product.

5, unit price from printing large quantities can be matched template printing, save time and effort.

6, full color image, once completed, progressive color could meet the photo quality, accurate positioning, the rejection rate is zero. 

7, just 30 minutes, you can master, the production of high-quality goods, no need of professional skills.

8, computer operation, no personnel dependence, upgrade space.

9, fast speed, do not need artificial drying.

10, the effect of relief printing.

Development direction:

UV flat-panel printers future for the people to pursue, not only high precision, high speed, long service life is more important, is to focus on quality, if you buy a flatbed printer, even very cheap, but later machine problems, and affect the production, not The loss outweighs the gain! This is the Jingutian build industry-leading Ricoh UV printer.

Customers looking to buy a UV tablet to think twice before! The father is right, a penny a point goods, please be careful and the line, do not seek cheap!