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Jingutian 1010uv flatbed printer strong incoming price straight down 30 thousand
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When it comes to the recent social events, but Cai Yingwen was elected leader of the Taiwan region, the mainland's Taiwan moves frequently, has become a hot topic of the people at leisure. There is at the dawn of June, Shenzhen Jin Gutian launched a new size UV tablet printer, UV tablet printer series so far Jin Gutian has been the first in the country has a full size.

In May 23rd, Jingutian released a new KGT-1010UV tablet printer in Shenzhen, a large number of industry peers and fans of the scene, the use of common witness Ricoh GH2220 nozzle.


The KGT-1010 series is designed for users and individual users to design small and medium-sized enterprises, small volume, negative pressure ink supply system, suction platform, the only large UV printing devices have the function and configuration, now in this print one meter wide UV device all can find!

"One hour to print four square!"

Standard 5 GH2220 nozzle!"

"Also with suction platform!"

"All imports of neutral ink"

Live counterparts and fans of the excited feeling!


 So what is the price of such a highly configured UV tablet? The scene has a lot of enthusiastic people can not wait to speculate:

"Jingutian brand and quality, the equipment is certainly not cheap!" When the host announced: Kimtani Da decided the grand launch of this KGT-1010UV flat-panel printers in the summer, come up with 28 profit to the majority of the concern and support of our friends!

The scene Jingutian Lee picked up the phone and announced loudly: "do not make money! Sell as much as the cost! KGT-1010UV printer price 99999 yuan, now a price: 69999 yuan!!!"


Jingutian subvert the digital printing industry price barriers, let more people know and understand and use digital printer. Committed to the popularization and promotion of digital printing technology has become the Jingutian company mission and responsibility!