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Billboard UV color printing technology and printing the advantages
Time:【2016-04-06】 Count【2016】 【Print】【Back

With the UV printing process is widely known, more and more businesses to do the advertising industry by the traditional screen printing process have turned to UV printing this process, following us to see the advantages of UV printing process and screen printing.


1, billboard printer printing machine has the advantages of simple steps, no plate, print, duplicate registration steps, various types of tools, materials without the need for screen printing and thermal transfer needed. Outdoor advertisement board printer an exercise machine can be completely independent of the printing operation, saves manpower and material resources, and has the advantages of simple, Lidengkequ, low requirement for operating crew experience, as long as the understanding of simple image processing software can be.


2, advertising brand printers can be compatible with different industries, not limited to material, will not cause damage to the material. Outdoor signage printer can not only printed on sturdy, crystal stone, metal, glass and other materials, but also can be printed in the soft leather, cloth, cotton and other materials; it can be printed in inorganic materials, also can be in the complex composition of organic matter on printing, be the most changeful.With more and better compatibility of materials, the use of stainless steel color printing machine to avoid screen printing, water transfer printing material selection problem, but also to avoid the failure of heat transfer printing on leather, cloth, cotton and other organic materials. Aluminum plate printer to cater to the needs of market diversification, the better for the user to provide a more comprehensive service.

3, label printer printing position accurately, avoid manual printing the position offset of the problem will not follow the traditional printing mode and method, is no longer the simple manual operation and printing technology, with high technology content of the computer connection, combined with automatic control technology, and regional location can be very precise alignment for printing and avoid manual printing the position offset of the problem.Because it is disposable for multicolor printing, no chromatic counterpoint to the problem. These advantages can also be carved, etching and other processes for a very effective combination, in the engraving of the region to print a beautiful picture, or in the printing of accurate etching, etc..


4, logo signs printed very suitable for color transition picture printing tradition, such as screen printing, almost impossible to do the transition according to the pictures of all the colors, so printing out the effect of color lines, in the middle of the two kinds of color, it is difficult to root according to the picture itself and reflect the color transition.Outdoor advertising printers, especially a lot of products are required to print trademarks, logos, and other high precision, high complexity of the pattern, gifts, crafts industry is more widely used. Outdoor advertising printer can perfectly meet the requirements, fully reflects the strong market potential, break through the bottleneck of screen printing, thermal transfer printing and so on, find a new profit growth point for customers.


5, advertising printer for more uncommon professional use of outdoor billboards can change the contents of the printer printing at any time, changing the printing effect, digital print can be one to one, without making burdensome.There are many products of metal nameplate products behind the encoding, and each encoding corresponding to each product; and such as factory employees, badges and work permits, also can print according to a digital, can also add photos etc.. Shenzhen Jingutian advertising printer is a simple production process and low cost.