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Universal printer to teach you a few strokes of the province of small tips
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Universal printer supplies are commonly used in ink, cleaning liquid, ink cartridges, grating ruler and data lines, and so many kinds of. Consume the most, the most commonly used is the ink. At present, the market price of ink is not cheap, so the daily use of universal flat-panel printer production work must pay attention to the savings of the ink, do not waste ink. How can we reduce the waste of ink? Jingutian universal printer and we simply say. Tablet printer ink consumption is too fast, may be due to the following improper operation caused by waste:

  UV ink


  1 universal flat-panel printers print work has not been completed in the case of the closure of the printer.


 2 do not press the correct way to close the tablet printer. The correct way to close the universal printer is to press the power supply (Power) key to close the printer, and then to pull out the power plug. Do not unplug the printer from the outlet when the printer is still working. 3 each cleaning nozzle will consume a lot of ink, so in print under normal circumstances as little as possible to appear immediately when the nozzle cleaning, cleaning nozzle print quality drops.

 In the daily production work needs to be done in the universal printer proper use and daily maintenance in order to reduce the consumption of the ink waste and saved ink for the production, further reduce production costs and achieve low investment, high yield