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Aluminum plate printer which is good
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   Aluminum plate printer is the latest Ricoh UV flatbed printer, it no plate, print, duplicate registration steps, various types of tools, materials without the need for screen printing and thermal transfer needed. Using our UV printer, just need to prepare an ordinary computer. An operator can be completely independent of the printing operation, saves manpower and material resources, and simple way, which is dry, low requirement for operating crew experience, as long as the understanding of PS, AI image processing software can be.


 On the current printing industry is concerned, there is a more professional division of the industry. For example, the leather industry, the traditional printing process common screen printing a single color, color simple uniform; large universal printer is expensive, the high quality materials; heat transfer will destroy the crystal material; traditional printing industry is crystal film technology; organic glass industry is the screen printing industry, using printing or hot metal transfer etc.. So once you have a UV tablet, you have a competitive advantage over your peers.


Select universal flat-panel printer should pay attention to:

1, must choose a customer service service company, this is very important, especially in the first half of the year, you've never seen this thing, no one to repair your basic wanbuzhuan, of course, for a long time now I also becoming an expert, but still want to emphasize, beginning not customer service service, you must can't play.Choose a tablet printer, you still have to choose a company that has after sales, some unscrupulous businesses to renovate the printer to change the tablet machine. Of course, the manufacturers have some necessary quality certification, such as ISO9001 ah, CE ah, patent many ah, it's some manufacturers, generally not too bad, so you'd better take a look at this, in addition to online verification, some manufacturers of these PS, if they are not the good faith, you can expect them to speak?


2, buy flat-panel printers, the price is not the most important but the key, actually figured out, cheap or expensive gap is not great, it is domestic, foreign another operator, but no service, the quality is not good, the money you come to repair the UV printer is not enough, but also affect the production of more losses.