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The packing box leading UV flat-panel printers.
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 "The dragon boat day after midsummer, Qing long" immediately to meet once a year of the Dragon Boat Festival, I believe everyone will eat dumplings, dragon boat races to commemorate Qu Yuan. Here to wish you a happy Dragon Boat festival!

We have a lot of traditional festivals, holidays, gifts, we can not celebrate the festive, auspicious. Then the festival will be a great deal of money box business opportunities, whether it is the Spring Festival, mid autumn festival or special purchases for the Spring Festival cakes, birthday gifts, toys customization, need packing box. What do you want and what you want! Universal flat-panel printers are able to meet.


Why the packing box leading UV tablet printer favored? In recent years, people's pursuit of fashion, the novel created a new digital printing development, businesses in a variety of packaging print beautiful patterns on. In some high-grade paper packaging printing patterns, some in the wooden packing box color pattern, some in the metal packaging box color pattern. A lot of packing box manufacturers by traditional screen printing, screen printing gradually adopted the new UV color printing. 


UV tablet printer directly to the graphic design of a good picture printed on the packaging box. Can be very precise alignment required area and position of printing, can print according to a digital, suitable for multiple color printing material. These advantages can also be combined with the engraving, etching and other processes very effective, can play a better role. Color printing is suitable for printing color pictures to traditional transition, low requirement for the operation of flat-panel printers staff experience breakthrough screen color printing complex!