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The universal use of safety precautions of a printing machine
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Universal color printing machine the use of safety precautions are as follows:


1, universal color printing machine should be placed in ventilated environment, avoid high temperature or humidity.

2, can not use wet hands to operate the machine.

3, requires a professional electrician to detect the printer's power supply voltage and grounding.

4, the input voltage is required to 230VAC/50Hz universal color printing machine. Check the input voltage of the power switch on the electrical cabinet machine right in. (using the power supply voltage specified on the nameplate to avoid power socket universal color printing machine is connected to the plurality of devices due to overload)

5, make sure the printer is well grounded. The ungrounded printer may result in electric shock, fire, and prone to electromagnetic interference


6, use only the wires provided by the printer. Do not damage, cut, repair wire. Use damaged wires. There is a fire, the risk of electric shock. Wiring damaged, the need to replace the manufacturer approved the use of wire