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Processing of cracks in UV printing leather
Time:【2016-07-21】 Count【2379】 【Print】【Back

    We just started using UV printing leather, you will encounter a lot of problems, or the printing effect is not strong, or print patterns have cracks, or print effect can not meet the sun waterproof, waterproof, and so on. In this paper, the processing of the crack of leather UV printing is introduced.

UV printer or flatbed printer, can adapt to the vast majority of material, but some product specific particularity, for example we print leather holster, a small crack usually occurs after printing, printing effect directly plummeted, feeling in want of perfection. 

So how to solve this problem? Jingutian imported soft UV ink can make print leather no crack. Companies in free proofing, but also in accordance with the requirements of customers, the surface of the leather to choose the most suitable ink, to the customer a good process.

 In order to make the skin color effect of wrinkles, do not fall off, we have to consider the influence of environment. The ultimate goal is only one, to produce the perfect leather products.