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Universal printer which kind of good
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Many users often have such a question, universal printer which is good? In the market with a variety of popular brands, many buyers also make it difficult to choose, it is more difficult to judge what kind of universal printer, now Jingutian universal printer manufacturers to answer your questions, now on the market commonly used printer can be divided into several Ricoh, Seiko Epson, printing machine. Ricoh, EPSON, Seiko all have advantages and disadvantages. It first introduces Ricoh universal printer.

You see is the Ricoh UV printer to print the effect is very good, the pattern is exquisite, fine degree is high, coupled with higher stability, to let the public have a sense of themselves. But in fact, a lot of friends until the purchase Ricoh UV printer at the moment, really understand it has what characteristic, so, in order to avoid when you contrast in the choice of the blind, I will introduce Ricoh UV printer. Ricoh UV printer is currently on the market good prospects for printing equipment.

The maximum thickness of 

1 2513uv printer printing material: 100mm material for a variety of glass, acrylic, wood, ceramic tile, metal plate, PVC board, wave board, plastic etc.


2 stable and reliable full range of digital printing equipment is designed according to 24 hours *7 days production operation mode, selection of a variety of industrial production of durable comply with the requirements of the components, especially the use of industrial grade nozzle only careful use and maintenance can be used on 3-5 IGUS line by Fuji servo motor, towline, Wallace Gaudi synchronous belt. To ensure the long-term stable and reliable operation of the system. Equipment equipped

Multiple emergency brake switch to ensure the safety of personal and equipment. The nozzle standby protection scheme, realize the flash spray, squeeze ink, combined application of high speed flash spray, the print head is always in the best working condition. By using the linear grating fixed jet car, ensure high precision printing and positioning.

3: ultra high precision 5-8 grayscale piezoelectric nozzle, variable ink printing, minimum 7pl, photo precision, clear print 2pt maximum resolution of 1440*1200dpi by positioning double screw rod mechanism control double track rail beam is accurate, stable and reliable mobile head carriage using linear grating fixed, ensure high precision printing positioning light platform that the sheet loading easier, more accurate positioning, repeat print without deviation.

There are many types of universal printer models, we only know it, can make a better choice, in order to determine what kind of printing equipment.