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UV tablet printer production advantage
Time:【2016-04-27】 Count【2015】 【Print】【Back

    Now UV tablet printer in various industries rise, then what is its production advantages? The following Jingutian UV flatbed printer manufacturers for you to explain:

  1 original digital printing limited to flexible material, need to be printed flexible work stick to rigid mounting materials: the UV tablet printer printing on many economic materials without special treatment, went before good finishing, save a lot of manpower and material resources.

  2 silk screen printing printing materials can be used while just, but due to the high cost of plate making, only suitable for long version live, and now have a UV printer, a few seconds can be realized without printing leaflets, and batch processing costs, users can be completed in a short version live economically and efficiently increase, more business opportunities for users and profits. 


  3 of the shortcomings of traditional printing technology, not only for the small print work, can also be used for proofing or simulation of image, the customer can choose the most suitable from a variety of process technology.

  4 design, the production process is simple, and can be operated by one person, who stand take to meet customer delivery demand. That can be suitable for small quantities of personalized production, but also to achieve large batches of production requirements, because the machine can work continuously for 24 hours without problem. Instead of the low efficiency and low productivity of manual or semi automatic screen printing market, solve the problem of high cost, the traditional mode of production of high inventory, and making their personalized printing products to expand the scope of business, stimulate the demand, it is representative of new production capacity, the space become lucrative the new investment hot spot.The traditional printing industry has been undergoing changes in turn the world upside down, UV flat-panel printers than for the printing industry to add luster.