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Select the 9 major advantages of Jingutian flat-panel printers
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1 the first batch of domestic research and development, production of flat-panel printer manufacturers, a number of unique technology, focusing on universal printing equipment, high-tech private enterprises. The main R & D, production and sales of flat-panel printers, solutions and services for the majority of enterprises to provide one-stop in color printing. 

2.KGT4550 is China's only one in Japan's domestic sales of industrial printers 3.RIP software is the use of German gate color software, automatic color tracing, ink saving 30%. 

4 perfect solutions for the customer professional development of the most appropriate to make their own money

5 using GEN5 Ricoh nozzle, ink has 1280 holes and 7pl, to create a high speed printing control system for customers, printing equipment with high accuracy of 6 Jingutian selected are from Japan Ricoh authentication board suppliers.

7 Jingutian printer accessories by domestic and foreign top suppliers. 

8 highest precision 2880DPI, ink dot cross technology, high performance LED water cooled UV lamp 9 free proofing, free warranty for one year