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Several factors universal color printing machine nozzle clogging
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Many users in the use of universal color printing machine, often encounter a universal printer machine nozzle is blocked. To give us a lot of trouble to work, affecting the production efficiency. However, many head is the blockage is caused by many details we have no attention caused by the Jingutian universal printer manufacturers following is told you what reason can be blocked by universal color printing machine nozzle?万能彩印机

1.The effect of the nozzle voltage on the nozzle.

2, the effect of static electricity on digital printing equipment and ink.

3, low viscosity ink - ink viscosity is too low, the ink is too thin, ink-jet speed, ink jet to cloth will be reflected back to the nozzle, resulting in ink stored in the nozzle, the nozzle clogging.

4, cleaning methods on the impact of the head - the proposal to use a soft sponge or sponge swab head, do not use ordinary toilet paper.

5, ink quality is not passed, resulting in the nozzle blockage.

6, the sharp changes in the temperature and humidity of the nozzle and ink after the destruction of the nozzle clogging.

 7, work habits on the nozzle - such as vacuum mouth can not have dirt and scratch hard objects so as to avoid cleaning nozzle.

8, ink viscosity is too high - ink viscosity is too high will cause the ink in the ink pipe bonding, resulting in inadequate supply of ink, ink jet volume is not enough, especially in the winter, this phenomenon is more prominent. Protect the nozzle UV color printing machine is the premise, so we pay more attention to the details in the work above!