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How to select a tablet printer
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How to select a tablet printer? Many of my friends have such doubt, the Jingutian printer manufacturers to introduce flat-panel printers, from scratch, from coarse to fine, from the complex operation to easily print, from product development to the mature application even after a long period of time, but a lot of people on the flatbed printer is still relatively unknown.Because there is no uniform industry standards, the quality of each manufacturer is uneven, so in the choice of flat-panel printers to pay special attention to. Here are a few suggestions for the selection of flat printer manufacturers.


  1 to test the stability of a tablet printer machine

 2 whether the use of a good nozzle, the general common nozzle has EPSON, precision, science and technology. EPSON, Seiko nozzle precision, short service life, the printing speed is slow, and the Ricoh nozzle has the advantages of high precision, long service life, fast printing speed etc.. Jingutian flatbed printer which is used by the most advanced Ricoh nozzle.


 3 see printing effect, you can picture to test a high precision plate printer, the digital printing system and piezoelectric precision drive system, print out a clear picture, not bars or stripes and ghosting.

 4 see print materials and specifications, flatbed printer specifications more print length up to 3 meters, if the material rate is relatively large, the best choice for large format printer, because of the large format, less material and suitable for mass production limited.

 5 determine whether the product quality is consistent with the flat printer. Good stability of the printer does not allow the emergence of ink and printing position offset.

6 in addition to select good quality, appropriate models, but also have a good sense of service audition and professional customer service service team of the manufacturers. Understand the factory scale, equipment is complete, flat-panel printers will have the ability of customer service, is to rely on your pair of piercing eye to judge