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Jingutian articles UV printer in Shenzhen Gift Show
Time:【2016-04-29】 Count【1165】 【Print】【Back

In April 25th, the twenty-fourth China (Shenzhen) International Gift Fair held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, the exhibition time for a period of four days, with a small gift UV printer to participate in this exhibition.


Shenzhen gift show is known as the great and influential professional exhibition scale of the Asia Pacific region, will attract many professional buyers from all over the country every year, is undoubtedly the best platform for enterprises to display the brand image, expand cooperation channels.



During the exhibition, the beautiful gift pattern shows Jingutian attracted many customers stopped to watch, and many customers and employees to negotiate Jingutian, from another level reflects the UV printing technology has brought opportunities for the people. In fact, since the Jingutian since the establishment of the brand, Jingutian UV printer and focus on the production of the Ricoh printer by the majority of users, has also been affirmed by the user.



In April 28th, Jingutian participated in a 4 day gift show ended smoothly! At the same time thank you for your support!