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1016 and 1015uv tablet printer difference
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    The common 1015uv refers to EPSON printer nozzle and the 1016 nozzle is Ricoh printer, a new machine, they are named after the print format is 1 meters, 1016 meters and 1015 x 1.6, 1 x 1.5 meter print format. Their parameters are as follows.

  1016 Ricoh printer:

   Sprinkler configuration      The standard 5 small Ricoh (GH2220) nozzle, the droplet can reach 3.5pl

  Print size          1000x1600mm

  Ink supply system       Automatic ink supply system

   Platform               Air suction platform

  Curing method       Water cooling LED lamp (lamp)

  Ink type     Import UV environmentally friendly soft or hard ink or neutral ink (excluding VOC)

   Resolving power              720x1200DPI

   Print speed           8pass            5 square meters / hour

                        12pass        3.7 square meters / hour

1015 EPSON printer:

   Sprinkler configuration          EPSON 7 generation nozzle, the largest drop of 12pl, the minimum up to 3.5pl

    Print size           1000x1500mm

    Platform             High precision aluminum alloy platform, tempered glass platform or (suction platform)

   UV curing system       水冷uv led灯

   Print speed           1.5 square meters / hour

   They decided to big factor price difference is the nozzle, nozzle 1016 Ricoh machine (gh2220) service life of 1 years, and the 1015 EPSON nozzle life 3 - 5 months.

  1016 and 1015 is the printing precision flat printer is about the same, ink droplets can reach 3.5pl, and the print format almost, so at the time of purchase should consider other configuration of the machine, and then consider the service life, customer service service. 1016uv printer is Jingutian to launch a new machine with high precision, good stability, moderate price, for many entrepreneurs or just provides options for good UV flatbed printer.