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UV tablet printer's 5 major shortcomings of 99% people do not know
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I am in the tablet printer this piece of work, contact with the tablet printer for a long time, in the book, online also collected some information, now here to share with you. UV flat-panel printers have those shortcomings? In fact, there are several UV tablet printer name, also known as universal printer, flatbed printer, it can print all materials (except for limited size, rugged machine material) printer. The reason is called universal, said, is not it can do, but it can adapt to the vast majority of materials. So in addition to its advantages, but also the existence of a certain defect. What are the disadvantages of UV flat printer? Flatbed printer


1, UV tablet printer price is relatively high, and can only use the matching UV ink, supplies are limited. 

2, the finished product will be affected by external factors. With the influence of external factors and the changes of temperature, thermal expansion and contraction or print material after absorbing water, will fall off and deformation. In particular, outdoor billboards series products.

3, UV ink storage conditions are harsh, so the preservation of UV ink is not particularly convenient, UV ink see light after easy deterioration, curing, once the cure can not be normal use, so the preservation of UV ink need to be extra careful. Jingutian universal printer manufacturers to remind you that its disadvantages do not affect its use, its operation is simple and convenient, fast and have overcome its shortcomings, more importantly, it can print a variety of most of the material is not affected by the printing material, compared with the heat transfer printing, screen printing machine. UV still has a lot of advantages of the flatbed printer. Can greatly save cost and improve efficiency, the operation is simple and convenient.

4, UV printer light is not to let the product 100% dry. Can not let the products completely dry 100% will bring a lot of products, product is not completely dry easily cause cracking, peeling off. And in the actual production, the printing speed of UV tablet will also affect the quality of UV light curing.

5, the influence of nozzle, UV flat-panel printers are using UV curing, UV lamp, it is very difficult to avoid light reflection, refraction to the UV nozzle, and so for a long time, the nozzle will be affected, so as to protect the head when in use, the nozzle is very expensive.