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The advantages and disadvantages of Ricoh UV printer
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    Ricoh nozzle has been used in many factories, the advantages and disadvantages of Ricoh nozzle is also slowly back, never learned to understand, Ricoh nozzle is completely the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.


Technically, Ricoh UV printer head and EPSON head compared to rough, Ricoh printing precision is 7PL, EPSON 3.5PL, easy in the printing process caused by blockage. Ricoh UV printer head is a nozzle to control a color printing, strong corrosion resistance, a 24 day print almost no blockage. With automatic white, white spot, covering 16 kinds of white ink to print, and can print 3 has the special effect of light oil; improve production efficiency of auto white skip printing function, can automatically identify and avoid the blank part of the picture;Nozzle compensation powerful functions available instead of normal fault nozzle of ink-jet printing, can screen does not appear white or PASS; intelligent and powerful of human nature (SEEGET), different images may overlap after the usual output, which greatly facilitates the school's daily color proofing, high efficiency of drawing improving the high-end industrial grade nozzle maintenance need only be able to use 2-3 -- gray printing technology by adjusting the ink droplet size to adapt to changes in color image, use this saves ink. Price: EPSON nozzle for the price of 7500 yuan a, 15 thousand Ricoh nozzle,Strong EPSON nozzle life is generally 3-4 months, Ricoh nozzle can be used for 3-5 years or so, many manufacturers are slowly starting to do Ricoh UV printer, although pre machine investment costs are relatively high, but Ricoh sprinkler machine is currently the best, imported machine is also used in the Ricoh nozzle, and Ricoh machine is certainly a the future direction of development.