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UV printer manufacturers to teach you to improve the adhesion of UV ink
Time:【2016-03-14】 Count【1939】 【Print】【Back

UV printer manufacturers to teach you to improve the adhesion of UV ink? When we print the pattern, will encounter a variety of materials, there are many materials in the printing industry is not mature enough, there is a certain defect. The first Jingutian UV printer manufacturers from the UV ink to say. One of the biggest advantages of UV ink is that it can control most of the material, unlike the weak solvent ink, for all print materials are required to absorb the coating. UV ink can be cured directly on the printing surface, but a comprehensive many factors, for a small part of the special material, UV ink adhesion and is not particularly perfect.


     Glass material printing pattern

 However, UV printer in the print these materials would need to do some processing, such as ceramic tiles, glass and metal surface smooth material, before using UV ink to coating, in order to better improve the ink adhesion, will be better in terms of effect. Common coating generally have metal coating, ABS coating, glass coating, etc..Coating methods also need to pay attention to the use of techniques, some of the coating can be used directly on the surface of the material, and then print the. But some coating is not enough, the need for additional processing, such as metal coating, in order to more effectively improve the adhesion, need to bake, so according to the actual needs of the printing material used to determine method before use. The coating can make the UV ink more firmly attached to the printing surface, so that the printing pattern can be kept for a longer time, and has the effect of anti scratch and wear resistance.