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What is the purpose of universal printer
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 Universal printer is an exaggeration, the reason is that it can print on a variety of materials, such as metal, plastic, glass, marble, ceramic tile, wood, acrylic etc.. The utility model belongs to an ink jet type printing process, and the spray head can not contact with the object in the printing process.

Universal printer printer, also known as flat UV printer, digital color printing machine, digital inkjet machine etc.. It is applicable to many materials, it is widely compatible with surface; no plate making, printing, fast and low cost, can be used for a variety of output software, support various file formats; each printer is equipped with professional color management software, can change the color of a step whenever and wherever possible; and that India is completed; simple operation, computer operation, save manpower the people.


Universal tablet printer application industry:

1 cell phone shell industry

Today's mobile shell industry is like a raging fire, young people on the personalized custom, the beauty of the mobile phone shell pattern to promote the printer industry. Kimtani Tarihikaru UV printer good imaging effect, fast speed, a print, which is dry, imported green ink UV, SGS certificate validation report related products, waterproof, sunscreen, anti high temperature, no pollution, bright image, vivid colors, and loved by all walks of life in factories and enterprises.


2 logo signs advertising industry
Advertising, transportation, electric power and other industries hard plate production is flat printer beneficiaries, flatbed printer using UV UV curing ink can be directly sprayed to any material signs or panels, such as metal, reflective film, PVC plate, wood bamboo board, organic glass, acrylic foam board, aluminum-plastic plate and so on. Compared with the traditional screen printing operation is simple, lower cost. UV series spray screen is not afraid of the water, outdoors for over three years. The increase of product service life.


3 leather textile industry

  Universal printer direct ink jet printing, will not be like heat transfer process will make the material to change the nature of heat, color change. The gradual color and transition colors just right, but also eliminates the complex intermediate process. So the leather textile industry also has a lot of manufacturers to use a universal printer for production.


4 oil painting industry

  Universal printer printing painting make accurate position, avoid manual printing the position offset, is no longer the simple manual operation and printing craft, with high technology content of the computer connection, combined with automatic control technology, can at the printing area and position very accurately and avoid the manual printing the position offset the problems encountered. These advantages can also be carved, etching and other processes for a very effective combination, in the engraving of the region to print a beautiful picture, or in the printing of accurate etching, etc..


5 background wall industry

TV background wall printer is unusually hot, can produce the 3D effect of the background wall, but also can print out the background wall relief. The tiles can also be universal printer to print out the industrial production, beautiful patterns, Jingutian universal printer products are through the national grid test, ROSH test, can reach the standard of international trade.