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UV tablet printer notes
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  Modaobuwukanchaigong, UV printer maintenance and use will reduce, increase revenue! This article talk about the UV printer notes.

One, UV printer configuration

 Machine hardware and software configuration to meet their own requirements, rather than blindly pursue cheap!

Two, the use of UV tablet printer matters needing attention:

 1, if the printer produces heat, smoke, odor, abnormal sound, etc., please immediately cut off the power and technical personnel contact.

 2, flat-panel printers and ink. Two ink supply modes, independent ink box, continuous ink supply system. Ink change according to the specific circumstances.

 3, the adjustment of the height of the plate printer. The UV printer has the infrared ray to detect the object height, but must put the product to put good, puts the flat.

  4, the printer is prohibited on other items. When the printer is not used for a long time, the power is pulled out.

   5, when the nearby thunders, pull the power plug from the socket, to protect the safety of the machine.

   6, the print head in a high temperature state. Keep in touch with the temperature drop, prevent burns and injuries.

   7. Please do not touch the metal part of the connector and the print head in the printing process.

  8, to eliminate static electricity, because the electrostatic may cause great damage to the nozzle, in the metal shell is connected with a external wire external grounding wire on it.

    9, when the product is added to the coating, the surface can be a layer of coating on it, even on the good, do not need too thick.

   10, when the print head, prohibit cutting off the power supply.

   11, please do not disassemble, move, drag, if there is fault, please contact customer service personnel.

   12, prohibit other impurities, liquids, etc. into the machine, otherwise it will cause electric shock or machine failure.

  13, the printer should be equipped with a continuous supply of power supply (such as UPS power supply, etc.), to ensure that the printer is in normal operation due to sudden power outages, or voltage instability caused damage to the machine and printing products.

   14, when the mobile tablet printer, to lift the bottom of the machine, or push away, and then check the balance of movement.

   15, the printer in print when do not move, drag, turn off the printer.

   16, to ensure that the printer power supply to normal, data lines and computer connections can be boot.