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Mobile phone shell printer which is good
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Cell phone shell printer which is good? I believe that mobile phone shell manufacturers will have such a question? With the rapid development of the printer industry, mobile phone shell printer has won wide range of cell phone shell manufacturers with its low cost, high efficiency and other features. In recent years, mobile phone shell 10493 market, mobile phone shell consumers on the diversification and individuation of the popular Jin Gutian market specializing in the production of high stability of the mobile phone shell printer to print more lifelike picture, strong adhesion, printing perfect relief effect.Deep won the mobile phone shell manufacturers love, and quickly occupied the mobile phone shell industry 80% of the market, to become a leader in the supply of mobile phone shell printing equipment industry.


Mobile phone shell printer is a simple block of color patterns, full color pattern or excessive color pattern can be printed once completed, no plate, no need to print and repeated chromatography, beautiful colors, lifelike image, waterproof, sunscreen, wear resistance strong adhesion, fastness, simple operation, machine stable performance, creating a higher than traditional methods of printing quality, fully meet the requirement of mass production of high strength of the industry, to improve your product market competition ability.


Mobile phone shell printer is easy to operate, fast printing speed, low cost, wide application field, has become more mature, more and more fashion industry. It can be used for rapid proofing, and can also be used for mass production of industrialization, in line with the printing industry standard. If you can have early, is bound to help you develop new business, increase revenue point, so you in the new field, beyond the peer, stand out.